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More Drawings


Colored Pencils used: pc927, pc914, pc939, pc904, pc903, pc1040, pc1008, pc956, pc934, pc932, cool grey 70%, pc938 

Copic Markers used: v12, v06, b45, v15, e41, b12, b14, e50, w0, w1, w2


Things I did on 1 pot of black tea…

Yesterday I was able to:

  1. Clean up my drawing/writing area
  2. Created new playlist in Grooveshark
  3. Read a few pages from Trust by Jane Dailey
  4. Scan a finished drawing into deviantART
  5. Sort out many knitting projects down to just one for the week (actually started knitting that one project again)
  6. Finally sorted out my big stories I was working on into segments in Yarny (for anyone that knows me that’s been a big off and on project for me)
  7. Print out notes for all of my Craftsy classes
  8. Wash and block my hand knitted house socks
  9. Sort out my library books from my books (was getting hard to keep track of what would eventually go back to the library)
  10. Washed dishes
  11. Played Catherine on my newly acquired Xbox360 until I kept getting “forked” on Day 2 of the game; (those who play know what I’m talking about) then had to walk away because I couldn’t stop cursing
  12. Played Dead or Alive 4 until much cursing was the end result (yeah, I’m that rusty with playing games)
  13. Straightened up my office/craft space (I know have room to actually work from there now!)
  14. Listened to latest KnitPicks’s podcast
  15. Replied back to my friend J with a RP in training post
  16. Got caught up on Inu X Boku Secret Service anime (soo love this series!)
  17. Washed dishes (yup, did this twice)
  18. Finished cleaning kitchen
  19. Cleaned bathroom
  20. Straightened up area by couch (my stuff seems to migrate everywhere at times)
  21. Dusted furniture
  22. Alphabetized both of my anime and movie DVD collections (had been bothering me for months)

So…yeah…I had a pretty full day. Now I’m just wondering I should have spread some of this out over the next week. Yesterday was the first day of Spring Break…yup…I have a feeling it’s going to be a loooonnnggg week.

*Note to self – no more black tea I might end up re-roofing the house.