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First completed Copic drawing!

First completed Copic drawing!

Finally finished it! Copic’s used: Multiliners – 0.03, 0.05, 0.0, BS, colors: Y11, Y13, Y15, Y17, G00, G000, E00, E41, E50, RV11, RV95, B000, W0, 0.


Off to a slightly better start…

After having a semi-stressful work week yesterday I wanted to block out everything and take part in my many hobbies that I was neglecting all week. For the most part I just wanted to sit back and draw and knit while I finally watched all of the shows and the movies I didn’t have a chance to watch during the week.

So much for planning…

Yesterday started out all right. I managed to start to clean up around the house and I was making progress on piles of papers and stuff that was just lying around. It’s amazing how things can build up over just a week. I was making progress all the same as the piles slowly started disappearing. 

While cleaning, I did manage to do a little cooking as well. Mostly just to pass the time while I was waiting for the mail to come. I’d ordered some new Copic marker colors and a refill for one I currently have so I could finish a picture I’ve been working on. After receiving the mail I realized too late that the refill I ordered was for the wrong color. I guess I was a little too excited about getting the new colors that I forgot to double and triple check the color code for the refill. 😦 Needless to say after some mild cursing on my part I was just going to suck it up and wait till my next paycheck to order the correct refill. But since I’ve been waiting over a week to finish my drawing I decided to go out and hunt for my specific color in a store that I’ve been wanting to go to for a while.

I should have stayed at home…

On the trek to, during, and from the store I had to bite my lip from commenting too much on my companions kind of redundant musings about obvious things that were happening on the way to, during, and from the store.

Aside from that I nearly fell on my way into to store I’d been wanting to go to for months now. Flip-flops and slightly wet street do not mix. 😦 I just managed to slightly tweak my back…again…after quickly avoiding not falling on my butt. Once inside was bombarded with lots of crafty stuff that started to make my heart happy. I didn’t stray around too long because I was on a mission. I just wanted the refill to my color or I’d bite the bullet and by another marker so at the very least I could finish my drawing and move on to my next project.

After asking a store clerk where their makers were I was sadly disappointed to find out that they had a limited supply of colors and also the fact that they didn’t carry the refills for the markers either.

I was also disappointed and slightly more irritated that I spent a good 5 minutes arguing with a different store clerk about why I would want to pay $5.00 to get the ink refill of a marker of a color I currently own instead of just buying a brand new marker for the same price.

Yeah, I had this argument.

One, I had to inform them that they did indeed sell refills for that brand of markers and, two, I inform them that they did indeed sell replacement nibs or tips for the markers as well.

To which she kept replying that “Instead of all that why not just buy a brand new marker? It would be new with new tips and everything!”


On what seemed like my third explanation of why I would get a refill and replacement nibs for a marker I currently owned she finally got it.

Needless to say I doubt I’ll ever be going back to that store or purchasing anything from said store online if I can help it. There are other online stores that are much cheaper and have more a selection of products.

So as you can see my day went from good to bad to worse in the span of like 4 hours.

I couldn’t wait to get home.

Once there I took a minute or two to regather myself and plan out what was going to be left of my weekend.

Today is going a bit better but I’ve got a limited amount of time before my companion gets back from work. I hope to be finished with the major things that I really want to get done out of the way before they come back.

So far, so good. 

Some good advice to consider.

BA Expat

Changing or improving your life doesn’t have to be a long, frustrating, drawn-out process. I’m always in search of the smallest changes that yield the biggest returns, and below is my collection of quick tips that can make your life easier, more fulfilling, or just less of a pain in the ass.

Try one or two of these and tell me how great they worked.

Sleeping at the desk

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Anti V-Day Playlist

Pink – Funhouse

No Doubt – Ex-Girlfriend

Gwen Stefani – 4 in the Morning

Korn – A.d.i.d.a.s.

Alanis Morissette – You Oughta Know

Pink – Just Like a Pill

Gwen Stefani – Early Winter

AFI – Miss Murder

Pink – U + Ur Hand

Carcass – No Love Lost

Pink – So What

Radiohead – Creep

Foo Fighters – Best of You

Enjoy! Feel free to post more songs!


That somewhat dreaded time is once again upon us.

Valentine’s Day.

The day where you’re supposed to show the one that you love you care about them.


Why wait?

If you care about someone let them know daily by your actions! It doesn’t have to be some grand gesture, just the little stuff. Chances are doing the little things mean more to the person than some grand gesture. Don’t get me wrong some grand gestures are nice but in the big scheme of things it’s the little things that count.

Helping your significant other move something heavy…doing the dishes…cooking dinner for a change…cleaning the bathroom…just being there when they have a hard day to support them…help inspire their creativity…those are the things that matter.

Not some dead flowers and last-minute heart-shaped chocolates!

So today instead of rushing out to the store to get those last-minute gifts just to show you care….sit back and really think about what would actually mean more to that special person in your life would really like and just see what happens.